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Archived Curricula Guide 2013–2014
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MA036080 YLJ8 Workshop on Scientific Writing 4 ECTS
Organised by
Person in charge
Aino Halinen-Kaila

General description

During the course the participant will prepare an article synopsis or a full manuscript targeted for a scientific journal.

Learning outcomes

The course is designed to harness the participant's academic writing skills. During the course the participant will learn how scientific articles are produced and becomes familiar with the options and challenges related to different phases of the writing and publication process. After the completion of the course, the doctoral candidate is able to write a scientific article independently or in cooperation with one's peers.


The course is offered in form of five study modules that motivate and support the article writing and provide hands-on exercise and concrete advice on how to proceed from an idea into a finalized manuscript. The modules include topics related to the aims as well as the process of article writing covering issues such as the motivation to publish, journal selection, structure of an article, argumentation for choices, communication with a journal editor and reviewers, and revising and finalizing the manuscript. Interaction with course participants and potential co-author/thesis supervisor form an important part of the learning experience.

Further information on prerequisites and recommendations

The course is targeted for doctoral candidates and post doctoral researchers who already master the basic literature of their research topic, have gathered necessary material for an article and have a dedication to write a journal article. At registration the participant needs to provide a description of the planned article project. Participants are encouraged to plan the article together with a more experienced researcher (supervisor, post doc or other colleague) or at least to discuss about the idea with the thesis supervisor.
The course will give credits for general post graduate studies, or alternatively to studies in major or elective studies.

Teaching methods

Period I-II; 3-4 hours per module, altogether 18 h

The course includes independent reading and writing, participation into the workshop modules, preparing a paper synopsis (or manuscript) and presenting it in a seminar.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

For passing the course the participant is required to deliver assignments in prescribed time schedule, to participate actively in the workshop modules and to write and present an article synopsis (or article manuscript) targeted into a scientific journal. Writing a synopsis entitle the student for 2 cr and writing a full manuscript for 4 cr registration.

Study materials

A compilation of articles and book chapters listed on the course web page.

Further information

Participation is restricted to 12 participants (excluding potential co-authors). Participants are selected on the basis of the phase of their studies and ongoing doctoral or post doctoral research, and the planned article project.

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