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Archived Curricula Guide 2013–2014
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
BIDI0002 Introduction to Innovation and Business 5 ECTS
Organised by
Business and Innovation Development
Person in charge
Kaisu Paasio and Sari Stenvall-Virtanen

Learning outcomes

The course gives the student an introduction to business and innovation in a start-ups and pre-business situations. The course is designed to familiarize the student with the concepts of innovations, robust entrepreneurship and related business functions. After the course the student is able to understand the innovations as drivers for societal renewal and the roles that innovative business activities play in the economy as a whole. The course gives the students understanding on how modern businesses operate, diversify and merge.


Content of the lectures is divided into three parts which are: finance and accounting of start-ups (6h), entrepreneurial marketing of start-ups (6h); start-up and growth management and strategic thinking in the context of start-ups in different fields of business (6h), basic IP-regulation in commercialization of innovations (2h)

Teaching methods

Mentored work on the virtual learning platform (weekly interactive assignments), written case assignment and exam.

Teaching language


Modes of study

Independent and team work on a virtual learning platform and written week assignments (40 %), final case study (40 %) written and oral presentation (20 %).


Numeric 0-5.

Recommended year of study

3. year autumn
4. year autumn

Autumn Term I

Study materials

  1. The art of the start. The time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything. Guy Kawasaki (2004) (selected parts).
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Drucker Peter (2007).
  3. The Entrepreneurial Mindset. Strategies for Continuously Creating Opportunity in an Age of Uncertainty. Rita Gunther McGrath & Ian MacMillan (2000).
  4. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. Heat Chip and Heath Dan (2007)
  5. Other literature specified by the teachers

Further information

To all faculties at the University of Turku. To specific Masters' Degree programme students at Åbo Akademi University. Students from Turku School of Economics can also apply for the whole study module or solely for the Business Development Laboratory course (7 ECTS).

In order to be able to study the study module, the student do not need to have any prior knowledge on business.

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