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DTEK1052 Ihminen teknologian kehityksessä 4 op


During this course the student will receive a broad view on the role of humans in engineering. After the course, students are able to understand the human side of engineering and its effects in product development. The course has two distinct objectives. First, understand the possibilities created through cross-disciplinary actions within the product development team. Second, understand the human aspect external to the development team. After the course, students are familiar with the requirements customer driven development and social aspects of technology. Students are also able to analyze customer needs, create demand and duplicate the solution. The course also gives a foundation for later studies in social sciences.


The course focuses on understanding the role of humans as developers and a users of technology. The course is divided into two sections. Section one goes through motivational theories and system theory in explaining our role as a developer and user of technology. The second section focuses, in more detail, on the users’ role as a content creator and adopter of technology. Topics covered by the course are motivational theories, system theory, crowdsourcing, adoption of technologies, and social change.

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Course materials and the following literature as directed by the lecturer: Drucker, Peter F., The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker's Essential Writings on Management (2001); Douglas McGregor, The Human side of Enterprise (2006); Abraham H. Maslow, Maslow on Management (1998)

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