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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2013–2014
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Mari Toivanen and Uyi Osazee


This course aims to introduce the students to the key aspects of international migration, transnationalism and diaspora linking both theoretical and empirical studies. At the same time, the course will help students to develop their critical reading, writing and presentation skills.


The course will begin by introducing major migration theories ranging from traditional approaches of migration to current theoretical orientations and debates in migration studies. In particular, the course will introduce two main conceptual frameworks, namely “transnationalism” and “diaspora”. In the first part, the students will become familiar with transnational studies highlighting the increasing socio-cultural, economic and political networks of individuals and groups beyond state borders. In particular, forms of transnationalism (from “below” and from “above”) will be highlighted. In the second part, diaspora will be the main concept of reference. Specifically descriptive and analytic interpretation of diaspora will be presented.

These theoretical and empirical studies will provide critical understanding of the way multiple memberships, loyalties and belongings emerge when considering people’s participation across different states. At the same time, aspects such as: experiences of displacement, return, feelings of homelessness, alienation and hybridity will also be discussed. Throughout the course students will be encouraged to critically evaluate these two conceptual approaches in light of the current state of knowledge.


Opetustapa Paikalla Verkossa
Luento-opetus 16 t 0 t
Ryhmätyöskentely 8 t 0 t

The students take part in general lectures (16h), where the theoretical approaches of transnationalism and diaspora are presented, as well as in the working group sessions (8h), which provide an opportunity to look at empirical cases where the transnational or diaspora theoretical frame has been employed. Participating in the group sessions includes drafting an essay based on a selected article and presenting it to the working group.



Vaadittavat opintosuoritukset

Suoritusvaihtoehto 1
  • Tutkinto-ohjelman omat opiskelijat
  • Muut opiskelijat
  • Tohtoriopiskelijat
  • Vaihto-opiskelijat
Kirjallinen tentti
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Suullinen tentti
  • englanniksi
Kertauskuulustelu ja Essee ja Suullinen esitys

Exam on the content of general lectures and essay in a workshop. The final number of study points is determined by the length of one’s essay. Passing the exam and drafting a short essay equals a total of four study points (SOSI0300), whereas drafting a longer essay amounts to six study points. More details will be provided in the beginning of the course.

Arviointi ja arviointiperusteet

Numerolla 0-5.
General lectures and workshop participation are graded together.

Suositellut suoritusajankohdat

Fall semester


Mandatory readings:

  1. Vertovec, Steven 2009: Transnationalism.
  2. Baubock, Rainer & Faist, Thomas (eds.) 2010: Diaspora and Transnationalism: Concepts, Theories and Methods (chapters 1-3, 6, 15), pp. 9-71, 109-129, 295-321.
  3. Wimmer, Andreas & Glick Schiller, Nina 2002: “Methodological nationalism and beyond: nation-state building, migration and the social sciences”, Global Networks 2, 4, pp. 301-334.
  4. Glick Schiller, Nina, Basch, Linda & Szanton-Blanc, Cristina 1995: "From immigrant to transmigrant: Theorizing transnational migration", Anthropological Quarterly, vol. 68, no. 1, pp. 48-63.

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