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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
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TLS_1028 Domestic violence contextualised 6 ECTS
Organised by
Turku Law School
Person in charge
Satu Lidman, PhD, post-doctoral researcher in Legal History

General description

In this course we seek to analyse specific forms of domestic violence and gendered violence, and explore them in historical, cultural and legal contexts. Violence is understood to include various forms of physical, mental and sexual abuse in close relationships (between spouses or partners, parents and children as well as other family members) but also in the collective cultural settings (honour-related violence). Depending on the historical and cultural context these issues have been / are encountered in a variety of ways. The course offers multiple perspectives into the complex and methodologically challenging questions on domestic and gendered violence. By doing that it encourages the students to discuss and share their knowledge of violence research.

Learning outcomes

- The students are provided with an overview of the history and topicality of domestic and gendered violence.
- They learn to distinguish reflections of these perceptions in modern attitudes also influencing legal thinking and practises.
- They gain deeper understanding on historical, cultural and legal aspects related to violence studies.
- Additionally, they develop their discussion skills in the field of violence and gender research.


-Long-term historical background of topical issues related to domestic and gendered violence starting from around 1500.
- Basic knowledge in violence research and violence related gender studies.
- Examples of actual domestic violence regulation in historical and cultural contexts.
- Finland, Europe and international/multicultural perspectives, especially criminal law and human rights.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Lectures 16 h 0 h

Contact teaching and homework + group assignments (approximately 8 h).

- includes individual homework and group assignments during and between contact teaching sessions.
- attendance at the first lecture is obligatory.
- the course is based on intensive participation throughout the teaching period.

Teaching language


Joint teaching with students of the specialisation course (later writing their seminar essays in Finnish).

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Written exam
  • In English
Participation in classroom work
  • In English
  • In English

The course includes also individual homework and group work.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Numeric 0-5.
Active participation in contact teaching; homework and group assignments; written exam.

Study materials

Study materials are to be found in Moodle and/or given out during contact teaching.

Further information

TIME: IV period, exact contact teachings hours to be specified later.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Participation is limited to 20 students (plus 20 for the specialialization course). Students enrolled in the Master's Degree Programme in Law and Information Society (LIS) have priority in the selections. 1/3 of the places is reserved for the degree students of the Faculty of Law. For the remaining places, the following criteria will be used to select the participants:
1. exchange students of the TLS cooperative institutions
2. degree students of the TLS cooperative institutions
3. other law students
4. non-law students

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