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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2014–2016
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MUSE1153 Tulevaisuudentutkimuksen erikoiskurssi 5–6 op
museologian osalta Pihlman Sirkku


2015: Future Consciousness and Values - Definitions, Meanings and Connections to Futures Research, 6 sp.
Organization in charge: Finland Futures Academy (FFA), and Museology and European Ethnology (School of History, Culture and Arts Studies), University of Turku.


: Current discussion in the futures research field has raised the question of future consciousness. In this course students approach the definitions and implementations of future consciousness from their own research topics and perspectives. Main target in the course is to perceive, describe and construct definition and meanings of future consciousness and its relations to the value theories and research. After the course students are able to define, describe and critically discuss of questions of future consciousness and values. Students are also able to produce and evaluate future orientated scientific articles.


The approach in the course is to write scientific articles concerning the concept of future consciousness and how it is related to futures research. Scientific articles will be produced in small groups or individually. Thematic subjects in the field of future consciousness are (1) museological, (2) ethnological and (3) futures studies as a multidisciplinary scientific field. Also other thematic subjects are possible to connect in the contents of the course.

Edellytysten ja suositusten lisätiedot

Recommended year of study: third or fourth study year


The course consists of a preparation day in May and an intensive learning session of Futures Research in Tackling Wicked Problems: The Past, Present and Future of Futures Research, Methods and Education - International Conference June 11-12, 2015, Turku. There is an evaluation day in September 2015. During the course students produce scientific articles concerning future consciousness.

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Modes of study are Individual and group learning, student presentations, lectures, literature and writing up a research report. Moodle is used for interaction, group work, material delivery and study guidance needs.


Numerolla 0-5.


There is a list of required literature (specified later on). During the course students learn to select relevant scientific annuals and to launch own research topic as a part of scientific discussion.


Will be specified later on.

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