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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2014–2016
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GMIN4822 Book exam in bedrock geology 5 op
Organised by
Geology and Mineralogy
Person in charge
Olav Eklund, Timo Kilpeläinen

Learning outcomes

Mineralogy: The student gets a deeper understanding about the theory and application within mineralogy. After the course, the student understands in which environment the minerals were formed and how they may be recognized and classified.
Supracrustal rocks: The student learns the causes behind the occurrence of compositionally and structurally contrasting volcanogenic rocks. Furthermore, the student develops an understanding about the sedimentation processes and settings and understands how different sedimentary rocks reflect the geological evolution of the Earth.


Mineralogy: Internal and external structures of minerals, physical research methods in mineralogy, mineral groups and mineral forming processes, systematic mineralogy, applied mineralogy
Supracrustal rocks: The principle of classification of volcanic rocks with respect to plate tectonic settings; classification of sedimentary rocks; recognition of depositional setting based on the composition and structure of the sedimentary rock.

Teaching methods

Literature and introductory lectures (supracrustal rocks), final exam

Teaching language



Numeric 0-5.

Study materials

Mineralogy: Wenk, H.-R. & Bulakh, A. (2004): Minerals - Their Constitution and Origin. Cambridge University Press.

Supracrustal rocks: Németh, K. & Martin, U. (2007): Practical Volcanology. Occasional Papers of the Geological Institute of Hungary, vol. 207  (volcanic rocks) & Tucker, M. (2001): Sedimentary Petrology. Blackwell Publishing. 3rd ed. (sedimentary rocks). 

Further information

Course comprises old book exams GMIN4812 & GMIN4807 (2014-2015 study year)

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Maantieteen ja geologian laitos
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