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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
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International Business
Person in charge
Eeli Saarinen

Learning outcomes

This course is a combination of theory and practice of Virtual Teams. By the end of this course students will be able to:
-identify and evaluate their own contribution to leadership construction in virtual collaboration environment
-make valid comparisons between traditional and virtual organizing logic
-identify different challenges that are related to virtual organizing and evaluate practical solutions to these challenges which they are likely to confront in their practice in real-life knowledge intensive organizations.
-apply knowledge of virtual team processes to real working virtual teams by being able to consciously affect the most important processes.
-identify and evaluate different phases in networked supply chain and are able to make necessary adjustments to it based on their experiential knowledge of how this entity functions.


This course is based on experiential learning exercises (business simulation). Students in Finland are cooperating online with Executive MBA students from Turku (FIN), Poznan (POL), and Salzburg (AUT). Together they form global virtual teams and steer their own simulated companies. Students practice decision-making in global virtual context and analyze the results from their decisions, and analyze their own and others team members' contribution to central team processes (like leadership). The aim is to self-experience the challenges of virtual communication and how they link to managing a business in a dynamic business environment. This makes it possible to learn more about the effects of computer-assisted communication in a systematic and analytical way, and to learn to utilize the possibilities of the contemporary digital, international, dispersed, multicultural working environment.
The online learning process in the course (VIBu) allows participants to form an overall understanding of how global business organizations function as a whole. In VIBu the correlations between materials flow, information flow, and cash flow, as well as profitability, is visible and participants can see and experience how this entity links to global network of suppliers, customers, and competitors. Participants reflect on their experiences in different phases of the course based on given guidelines.

Further information on prerequisites and recommendations

How to apply for the course:
This course is not available via Nettiopsu. You can apply for the course by sending a half page letter of motivation by 10am on Tuesday September 22nd to In free format, explain why you want to take this course. Also give a brief statement about your possibility to participate on the given days. Please also write down your name, nationality, and student number.

Teaching methods

Reflective Essays. No written exam. Mandatory online participation on simulation days 7.10. & 22.10.2015.

Modes of study

Online business simulation in virtual teams, reflective exercises

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Numeric 0-5.
Preliminary assignment and pre-readings, online business simulation (2x9h), team assignments during the simulation days, and two individual reflections (3pgs each).

Recommended year of study

4th or 5th year (Master's level)

Further information

Limited number of seats: max 20 participants get accepted (based on letter of motivation).Course is open also for exchange students.

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