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This is an advanced course on time series econometrics with applications in finance and macroeconomics. The course is useful to anyone interested in advanced time series techniques and is a natural continuation to students who have mastered the TSE course "Time series models and forecasting" (KTS28) or equivalent. The course can be a part of master's or doctoral studies. The actual requirements are specific to the level of study and will be specified during the course. The course is provided jointly by the Department of Economics and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


After the course, the student masters a wide range of advanced time series models and techniques and is able to apply them to analyze financial and macroeconomic data. The student should be able to argue why a chosen model is suitable for handling a given empirical problem and to assess the model's adequacy by appropriate statistical methods.


The course focuses on four areas of time series econometrics: (i) univariate linear time series models, (ii) nonlinear time series models for conditional mean and conditional variance, (iii) multivariate time series models (especially VAR and SVAR models), (iv) models for discrete valued time series. Unit roots and co-integration techniques are also covered within (i) and (iii). Empirical applications include topics such as the efficient market hypothesis, CAPM, predictive regressions, volatility modeling, Granger causality, impulse response analysis.


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Lectures, Problem Sets

The course isn't arranged in the academic year 2017-18.



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Course material provided by the lecturers.


The course isn't arranged in the academic year 2017-18.

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