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Uusi opinto-opas (sisältäen myös opetusohjelmat) lukuvuodelle 2018-2019 sijaitsee osoitteessa . Tältä sivustolta löytyvät enää vanhat opinto-oppaat ja opetusohjelmat.

The new study guide (incl. teaching schedules) for academic year 2018-2019 can be found at This site contains only previous years' guides.

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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
UGSB0001 Information Resources and Tools for Research 2 ECTS
Organised by
UTU Graduate School, Studies in Field of Business
Person in charge
Chief Information Specialist Leena Järveläinen

General description

The course is intented for all Doctoral students at the University of Turku (all faculties, all disciplines). The course is organized by UTUGS/Library. The teachers are Information specialists at the Turku University Library.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the participant will be able to create an effective search syntax in the relevant databases in her/his research topic and manage the results with ease. S/he will have more knowledge on how to keep up with current research and an understanding of the basic elements of scientific publishing and open science. After the course the participant will be well aware of some helpful tools, resources and services s/he can utilize when doing her/his research in the University of Turku.


- planning one's database searches, conceptualizing the research topic, devising search terms
- deepening database search skills, refining one's searches
- managing one's references: getting to know RefWorks or Mendeley (use of other reference management software also possible)
- keeping up with current research, tools for getting new information in one's research area
- evaluating scientific publications, the Finnish Publication Forum, impact factors etc.
- familiarising with publication ethics and plagiarism
- acquainting with open science; e.g. publishing in the University of Turku publication archive and creating one's data management plan

Teaching methods

Web course (Moodle) plus voluntary webinars. The course is organized every fall and spring. In the spring 2018 the course is organized: 12.2.-9.4.2018. For the autumn term the exact dates and the registration period are published later.

Teaching language


Modes of study

Active participation in the web discussions, all the assignments returned and accepted.



Study materials

Material by the information specialists (both text and videos) in addition to material from the databases etc.

Further information

In spring 2018 the course is organized: 12.2.-9.4.2018.

Registration in Nettiopsu starting on 3rd of January, at 8.00 and ending 1st of February.

Participants max. 20/group.
Groups by faculty:
- Faculty of Medicine
- Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
- Turku School of Economics
- Faculty of Education
- Faculty of Social Sciences & Faculty of Law
- Faculty of Humanities

Note! It is not possible to choose another group than your own faculty, because the teachers, databases etc. of the groups will also be faculty specific. Students are accepted to the course in the order of registration. If more than 20 students/group register for the course, participants are accepted from the waiting list of the group if an accepted student does not complete the introduction part of the course by a given deadline.

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