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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2016–2018
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OTMV0123 Internship Arranged by the Student 2–6 op
Organised by
Law, Studies for Bachelor/Master of Laws Degree
Person in charge
Head of Academic and Student Affairs Katja Arola and Education Coordinator Riikka Matikainen

Learning outcomes

The purpose of the internship is to help students gain work experience and to link their theoretical studies with practice. The aim is to give every student the possibility of gaining at least one month of practical work experience during their studies.


The student must find the internship himself. The tasks of the intern must be legal-related and the student should be able to put into practice basic skills previously obtained through course materials and lectures. For example administrative tasks in a law firm do not fulfill the requirements, unless they include tasks of legal nature.
Legal tasks may include:
- drafting legal documents;
- decision-making based on law and/or contractual provisions;
- managerial tasks related to business law, employment law and accounting;
- giving legal advice;
- applying legal rules in practice in government or state agencies;
- writing legal briefs and memoranda and researching legal issues and applying the results in practice;
- tasks related to choosing the correct legal procedure;
- demanding administrative and clerking tasks (e.g. working as court clerk);
- assisting tasks where the intern has a significant role that involves independent decision-making, research etc.
The legal nature of the internship is assessed as a whole. Individual tasks that fulfill the requirements of legal tasks are not enough, if the majority of tasks are not legal-related.
The internship can also take place abroad. The student must find the internship himself. It is possible to apply for an Erasmus grant for certain internships. For more information, please contact Career Services of the University of Turku.

Further information on prerequisites and recommendations

Only for degree student's in the MDP Law and Information Society

Teaching methods

The course Internship Arranged by the Student consists of a single internship with the same employer, so you cannot combine different work periods with different employers into one course. You can, however, do the course twice, i.e. have two internships with two different employers. Note that you can only receive up to 6 ECTS from these internships combined (for example, 2 + 4 ECTS).

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Study journal / learning diary
  • In English
Project / practical work
  • In English

The internship cannot include practical work experience acquired before the commencement of legal degree studies.
One month of full-time work (minimum of 35 hours per week) is worth 2 credit points. Credit points received for part-time work will be determined according to the amount of working hours.
After the internship, the student must return the following documents to the Head of Student and Academic Affairs: application for including Internship Arranged by Student into your degree, internship report and a copy of certificate of employment or certificate of internship. The certificate of employment must include (in sufficient detail) information on the legal nature of the tasks and the amount of weekly working hours.
The report should be a free-form essay. In the report the student must state how he has been able to put into practice basic skills previously obtained through course materials and lectures in the University. The report must also include a description of the employer. The recommended length is 3 pages.



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