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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2016–2018
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OTMV0125 Practical Training in Law 6 op
Organised by
Law, Studies for Bachelor/Master of Laws Degree
Person in charge
Education Coordinator Riikka Matikainen
Minimum preceding studies
45 ECTS.
Preceding studies
A minimum requirement is 45 credits (including max. 18 credits of optional studies) studies that belong to the Law and Information Society programme; Internships may also require specific conditions for carrying out the prescribed periods of study. Special conditions, as well as training locations and dates are publicised in the application announcement.

General description

The objective of an internship is to promote LIS students' placement in employment and to improve students' motivation to study. The aim is also to promote the interaction between the Faculty and lawyers working in the field. The exchange of experience and opinions from such training will be valuable for developing the faculty teaching by taking into account the practical needs.

Learning outcomes

The aim is to provide LIS students with the opportunity to explore the tasks of lawyers in different areas of the practice and to apply, in practical terms, the theoretical knowledge acquired at the University. A further objective is to provide students with working life skills in addition to their university studies, and help students gain contacts in the world of work.


The length of the practical training is one month. The training includes familiarising with the tasks and legal matters required in the work, either in a group or alone, and learning practical applications at the training venue, under the leadership of a supervisor.

Further information on prerequisites and recommendations

To be selected, a student must meet the general requirements for the training as well as any location-specific conditions that may be imposed. Priority is given to those students who have not completed any training, and then to those who have only completed the course OTMV0123 Internship arranged by the student.
Students are selected for internhsips based on a scoring system.

Scores are calculated on the basis of studies carried out as follows:
- The total number of credits for LIS studies (up to 36 ECTS specialisation courses and 18 credits for elective courses)
- The total of LIS specialisation course grades (a maximum of three courses)
- In case the scores are equal, trainees are chosen by drawing lots.

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
Study journal / learning diary
  • In English
Project / practical work
  • In English

Internships are located either in Turku or elsewhere in the country. The student is regarded as a trainee and not an employee. The training does not involve any monetary compensation and the student is not entitled to a separate certificate of employment. In addition to the credits attained from the training, the training location is recorded in the study register.
The student may accredit two different forms of internships to the MICL-degree optional studies (maximum of 12 credits). In order to be accepted the internships must be approved by the faculty and must; take into account the limitations imposed by internship already carried out. The student cannot obtain credits for Practical training in law twice. Similarly, internship cannot be an amalgamation of a number of different employment relationships. In addition, any training working for the same employer and performing the same or substantially similar work tasks to the internship can only receive credits once.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Completion of the practical training as indicated by the employer and delivery of a report to the education coordinator. A certificate issued by the training employer is to be attached to the report. The structure of the student's written report is a free-word essay. The report should indicate how the skills and knowledge learned at the Faculty have been applied to the work, and the report must include the description of the training place. The recommended length of the report is about 3 pages.

Further information

Available only for LIS students.
TIMES: The possible training months in the autumn application process are October, November, December and January and in the spring February, March, April, May and September. The application deadlines, registration instructions and the publication dates of the results are reported on the Faculty's English intranet pages. Cancellation of participation in the course should only be done for compelling reasons. Any cancellations must be notified immediately by e-mail to the address tls@utu.fi.

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