ETT_3005 Digital Communication Systems 5 ECTS
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Electronics and Communication Technology
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the course aims to provide conceptual understanding of digital communication system as a whole, purposes of its components and their interaction. It also gives basic theory and design principles so that students are able to apply them in practice during defining and design phases of digital communication system and its components. It also aims students to be able to analyze and compare the performance of various components in order to make proper system level solutions and decisions.


The course deals with digital communications system as a whole and design techniques of its different components. Topics include source coding, modulation techniques, receiver and transmitter structures, channel models and coding, multiple access schemes, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication, multiuser capacity and opportunistic communication, and application examples. In the demonstration exercises, system modeling is carried out using MATLAB software.

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Numeric 0-5.

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Department of Future Technologies
Tietotekniikan pääaine (Information and Communication Technology)

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Dec 18, 2017
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