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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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BIOL4101 Advanced studies, book examination 1 3–10 ECTS
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General description

There are two final examinations, this and BIOL4102, and the total ECTS for both the exams should be for the degree students of Ekologian ja evoluutiobiologian tutkinto-ohjelma 10 ECTS, and for those in Fysiologian ja genetiikan tutkinto-ohjelma 15 ECTS. Students are examined on the information contained in a book or books on the list below.

Learning outcomes

To gain a deep understanding of general topics in the field of the M.Sc. program.


Reading and taking an exam of one of the books listed below (the teacher taking the exam in parentheses):
Fysiologian ja genetiikan tutkinto-ohjelma:
Futuyma DJ (2013) Evolution, 3. Painos, Sinauer. 5 op (Craig Primmer)
Hardin J et al. (2011) Becker's World of the Cell, 8th edition, 8 op. (Mikko Nikinmaa)
Krebs JE et al. (2013) Lewin's Essential Genes, 3rd edition, Jones and Bartlett, 5 op. (Harri Savilahti)
Watson JD et al. (2013) Molecular Biology of the Gene, 7th edition, Pearson Benjamin Cummings, 6 op. (Harri Savilahti)
Wolpert L et al. (2015) Principles of Development, 5th edition, 7 op. (Mikko Nikinmaa)

Ekologian ja evoluutiobiologian tutkinto-ohjelma:
Danchin E, Giraldeu L-A & Cezilly F (eds.) (2008) Behavioural Ecology, Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford.
Futuyma DJ (2013) Evolution. 3rd edition, Sinauer.
Kaiser MJ et al. (2011) Marine Ecology - Processes, Systems, and Impacts. 2nd edition, Oxford UP.
Roff DA (2002) Life history evolution. Sinauer Associates Inc.

Teaching methods

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Independent work

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Finnish, English

Modes of study

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  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
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Numeric 0-5.

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Department of Biology
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