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FILY1003 Ethics of Academic Research 2 op


The course provides tools for critical, systematic ethical reflection and resolving complex research ethical questions. The Doctoral Candidate will learn the central ethical principles and questions in academic research. She or he will be able to avoid scientific misconduct and questionable research practices in her or his own research and carry out ethically excellent research.


- Responsible conduct of research (RCR), scientific misconduct, and Questionable Research Practices (QRP)
- The RCR investigation process
- Ethical review
- Ethical questions pertaining to all scientific research (e.g. open science, data acquisition, data management and data sharing, presentation of results, responsible authorship, peer review, mentor and trainee responsibilities)
- Treatment of research subjects (different kinds of human beings and groups, animals, the environment, inanimate objects etc.)
- Ethical questions external to the research process (multiple roles of the researcher, competition and funding, societal effects, science in society)
- Discussion, case studies presented by students

Course consist of two parts: (a) Research Ethics Moodle course and (b) Contact teaching

(a) Research Ethics Moodle course
- Student follows all learning materials of the course.
- Students answers and passes all quizzes of the course.

(b) Contact teaching
- Mini essay (on basis of the Research Ethics Moodle course)
- Group-work
- Lectures and seminars (12h)



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Syksy 2016, syksy 2017, syksy 2018


Comstock G (2013) Research
Ethics: A Philosophical Guide to the Responsible Conduct of Research. Cambridge UP.
Electronic version available via Volter at

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