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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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FUTS9013 FUTUJ10 International Futures Research Conference Presentation 1–6 ECTS
Organised by
Futures Studies
Person in charge
Petri Tapio

Learning outcomes

The Doctoral candidate will be able to make and actually deliver an international conference presentation of scholarly caliber including a written presentation and an oral presentation in a real-life situation. The presentation will show profound understanding on the topic of the presentation, capability to creative research design, in-depth analytical skills, and the ability to choose the most relevant aspects from the literature and/or analysed research results.


The Doctoral candidate will participate an international academic conference suitable for his/her own research topic, write a presentation according to the guidelines of the conference and present it in the conference. Participation is required and the number of credits depend on the workload. An oral presentation with full conference paper is the aim and qualifying for this gives you 6 credits. Giving an oral presentation is worth 3 credits, presenting a poster gives you 2 credits and an abstract gives 1 credit. Participation a conference without any presentation is not enough to pass the course.

Teaching methods

Individual work with the help of own supervisor and the teachers.

Modes of study



Recommended year of study

Flexibly connected to a phase when conference papers are written

Further information

Course coordinator Sari Söderlund
The course can subsitute the course "FUTUJ6 Summer School and Summer Conference”.

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Finland Futures Research Centre
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Finland Futures Research Centre
Futures Studies (Field of Business)