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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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EAST0012 Methodology Selective Studies: Approaches to Regional and Global Studies 2 ECTS
Benita Heiskanen, Lauri Paltemaa, Mika Suonpää, Nina Tynkkynen


This course aims to provide the students with an understanding of the processes and the study of regionalization and macro-regions of the world. The course will give an overview of current perspectives of area studies, and use specific cases to demonstrate their significance. The special focus is on theoretical and methodological approaches and topical issues in area studies, explored from the viewpoint of European, North American, East Asian and Baltic Sea region studies.


Students become familiar with diverse methodological and theoretical approaches and topical issues in regional and global studies. They learn about the concepts of region, regionalization, regionalism and region-building from multidisciplinary perspectives. Through examples from European, North American, East Asian and Baltic Sea region studies the students gain knowledge of concepts such as transnational interaction, cultural transfer, regional commonalities and shared traditions.



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Lectures (16h), essay (10-12 pages). Students write the essay on a theme introduced in the lectures. It can consider regional and global studies from methodological and theoretical perspectives or focus on a particular region. Details of further reading will be provided in the lectures.


Numerolla 0-5.

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Spring 2018

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Department of Philosophy, Contemp.History and Political Sc.
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Department of Philosophy, Contemp.History and Political Sc.
Contemporary History
Political Science
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