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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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OTT1 Theoretical Premises and Methodological Options of Legal Science 5 ECTS
Organised by
Law, Doctor of Law
Person in charge
Raimo Siltala

Learning outcomes

The post-graduate student will acquire enhanced methodological research skills for him/herself, by learning and becoming acquainted with various schools, trends, and approaches of research within legal science. The objective is to intensify the research skills and, in specific, methodological self-understanding and competence of the post-graduate student, with specific regard as to his/her own study.


The set of theoretical and methodological commitments and options within legal science and their impact on the post-graduate student´s own research project.

a) Reading Project: the post-graduate student acquaints him/herself with some key articles on the theoretical and methodological premises and alternative options of doing legal science.

b) Lectures & Homework: a series of lectures given by the visiting lecturers, with focus on the methodological and theoretical issues of legal science in the light of relevant articles and/or books.

c) Seminar on the Methodologies in Legal Science: the post-graduate student seeks to enhance his/her methodological skills in research by reading and analyzing (at least) 2 articles, and will then reflect upon their potential use in his/her own research project. The seminar will be divided into 2 parts, with one paper to be presented by him/her in each. The idea of the seminar is enhance the understanding of the post-graduate student of the methodological options open for him/her.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Group work
Independent work
Study Group

Teaching language

English, Finnish

The language of instruction depends on the people attending the course.

Modes of study

Option 1
Available for:
  • Degree Programme Students
  • Other Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Exchange Students
  • In English
  • In Finnish
Participation in classroom work
  • In English
  • In Finnish
  • In English
  • In Finnish

Starting Meeting: the course contents will be presented to the post-graduate students, and it will be settled from which point of view each of the attendants will approach his/her research topic in the Seminar on the Methodologies in Legal Science

Lectures & Homework: various kinds of methodological approaches available within the realm of legal science are to be reflected upon (1 h/article). Each post-graduate will write a shortish (c. 500 words) essay on each article, with focus on the methodological issues involved, and will then evaluate their possible significance on his/her own research project.

Lectures & Homework: the post-graduate will actively attend to the lectures, will do the homework as instructed by the (visiting) lecturer, and will keep a personal learning diary with focus on the impact of the lectures on his/her own research project. As teachers of the course, there will be professors/lecturers from the Law Faculty of Turku and from the other universities.

Seminar on the Methodologies in Legal Science (i.e. Workshop on Legal Methodology): Each post-graduate will draft 2 essays (c. 1.500-2.500 words, 4-5 pages each), reflecting upon (at least) 2 different methodological approaches to law, neither of which is NOT currently adopted as the primary method adopted by him/her in his/her doctoral thesis, with focus on how the 2 novel methodological approaches would affect the basic setting of the doctoral dissertation (i.e. the research question, methodology, and the outcomes to be attained): what difference will it make in the doctoral thesis, if this-or-that approach to the subject matter was adopted, instead of the one adopted? As teachers, there will be professors/lecturers from the Law Faculty of Turku and from the other universities.



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