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North American Studies


Contact Information:
North American Studies program (NAMS)

Keith Battarbee
Department of English, Juslenia
University of Turku
Phone: +358 2 333 5318
E-mail: keith.battarbee@utu.fi


Prerequisites: see Registration below.



The North American Studies program (NAMS) offers an interdisciplinary range of classes and study opportunities relating to North America: for the most part, specifically to the United States and Canada, either examined together or separately. NAMS can be taken as a free-access Minor (sivuaine) by any student registered for a degree with the University of Turku (Turun yliopisto) or with Åbo Akademi University, as a smaller package of 25 op (25 ECTS credits), or as a larger package including a further 35 op (total 60 op).


All classes and study units in the NAMS program are also open to any student registered with Turun yliopisto for a degree or as a visiting international or exchange student, and these courses can be included for credit in exchange students’ Learning Agreements. Please note, however, that exchange students are not admitted to the University of Turku only or primarily for the North American Studies program.


The foundation course for the program, Crossing the Atlantic (4 op; + 4 op for an optional Term Paper), is taught in the Fall Semester, and offers a historical introduction to the interdisciplinary study of the societies of North America (Canada, the United States, and Mexico). Students are expected if possible to attend the annual two-day American Voices seminar held in mid-October (1 op).


In addition to the foundation course, the NAMS program offers taught electives, which vary from year to year, and units consisting of independent study.


Note: In some cases, an elective may be a course taught in some other subject department, in which students from the North American Studies program participate alongside students from the department offering the course. If places on particular courses are restricted, priority is given to the department’s own students.


The introductory course is taught in English; all of the book examinations can be taken in English. Occasionally, courses taught in Finnish or Swedish may be offered within the program. The choice of language used in classes and for written assignments is at the teacher’s discretion and can usually be identified from the title of the class quoted in the course listing.



The NAMS program is available as an open-access Minor for 25 op or for 25+35 op to any degree student at Turun yliopisto or Åbo Akademi University.


All classes and study units in the NAMS program are also open to any student registered with Turun yliopisto for a degree or as a visiting international or exchange student, and these courses can be included for credit in exchange students’ Learning Agreements.


Students should register with the Coordinator by email, preferably by the end of the week before the classes start [keith.battarbee(a)utu.fi].


In Fall 2010, the foundation course, Crossing the Atlantic, will start in the Second Week of the Fall Semester, on Tuesday 14 September, at 16:00.





NAMS3001 Interdisciplinary Project (10 op)

For this project, intended for persons who already have a wide background in North American Studies, students propose a North American topic of their own choice which involves a multidisciplinary approach. Group projects, involving more than one student, are warmly encouraged. Obligatory for students completing the Intermediate Level of North American Studies. Please contact the Program Coordinator for further details.


Electives (4 or 8 op each)



NOTE: The three modules listed here are regularly available every year by independent study i.e. a "book exam". Please contact the teacher responsible for the exam, here necessary, for a book list. (Please note: these are not taught classes; therefore they are not normally recommended for exchange students) N.B. Registering for these three exams must be done in the relevant departments, no later than ten days before the exam date, and the exams must be taken on the exam dates of the department in question.


NAMS1051 History of the USA (8 op)

Readings + examination

Auvo Kostiainen, General History (Sirkkala campus)



The examination gives a total of 8 study points; short written essay-type answers are expected.

The following books will be examined:

Jenkins, Philip, A history of the United States. Basingstoke, Macmillan, 1997.

Dippie, Brian W., The vanishing American: white attitudes and U.S. Indian Policy. Lawrence, Kansas U. Press,1991.


Bodnar, John, The transplanted: a history of urban America. Bloomington, Indiana U. Press,1985.


Gabaccia, Donna R., Immigration and American Diversity. A Social and Cultural History. Oxford, Blackwell, 2002.



NAMS1052 American Film

Readings + examination

Veijo Hietala, Media Studies (Sirkkala campus)




NAMS1053 Regional Geography of North America

Readings + examination

Harri Andersson, Geography (Sciences Building I)




NAMS1070 – NAMS1079 DVD Study Units (2+2 op)

These sets of video recordings of lecture series by leading American scholars, with supporting material, are published by The Teaching Company, and have been generously donated to the NAMS program by the US Embassy.


They may be loaned from the Office of the Department of English for 4 weeks. Students may then take a written exam on the topic, for 2 op, AND/OR choose to write a research paper also for 2 op.



Civil Liberties and the Bill of Rights

Abraham Lincoln: In His Own Words

Tocqueville and the American Experiment

The American Revolution

The History of the Supreme Court

Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement

The Great Debate: Advocates and Opponents of the American Constitution

Elements of Jazz: Form Cakewalks to Fusion

American Religious History




For a complete listing of the courses available, please consult the programme’s website at http://www.hum.utu.fi/sivustot/nams/index.html

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