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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
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Development Studies

Development Studies programme offers teaching on global development and regional differences in development. This includes different development theories and questions, as well as cultural, social, economical and environmental factors prevailing in the developing countries. The program is organized by the Department of Geography and Geology, but teaching is provided in collaboration with other bodies. Development studies are suitable for students from various disciplines, after they have completed their basic studies in their major subjects. Main language in teaching is english.

Development Studies programme aims to:

•    deepen student’s knowledge and understanding of global development,

•    introduce the main concepts, theories and methods of development studies,

•    increase understanding on environmental constraints of sustainable development,

•    address the above issues from multi-scientific point of view,

•    enable students to see the value of their own study orientation in development context,

•    support research orientation toward global development and/or in a developing countries, and

•    broaden students’ skills in readiness for working internationally and in multi-disciplinary context.

The programme includes several optional courses out of which students can choose those that suit best to their own interests. As also occasional courses by visiting professors are frequently organized, students are asked to consult actualized teaching information from the current information page of programme’s website. Development related internet courses offered by the Unipid network constitute an additional important asset. Please always check the most actual information and the time of teaching from the UniPID website.

Exams on literature can be taken according to the schedule provided in the website of the programme. Essays and other individual studies should be agreed upon with the programme’s coordinator (mikko.joronen at utu.fi). Grading is made either on the scale of 0-5 or failed/passed.

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