East Asian Studies Minor

By taking the Minor in East Asian Studies (MEAS) (25 ECTS), students will become familiar with the major East Asian (China, Japan, and Korea) societies, politics, and history. Students learn the most important historical, social, and political events and turning points as well as large developments, and they become aware of the topical social and political issues of the East Asian states as well as the whole region.

Completing the Minor in East Asian Studies, students will be capable of carrying out further studies on East Asia or applying their learning in various professions related to East Asia.

Students majoring in Contemporary History who have selected the East Asia Study Line (A3.5) take Module 1 and Module 2 (21 ECTS) to complete the line. These students are, however, encouraged to take the whole minor by completing also the required language studies.

The courses marked (MPAS) are open to students in the Master's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies to be registered as Optional Subject Studies.

The structure of the Minor programme and course descriptions:

Department of Philosophy, Contemp.History and Political Sc.
Contemporary History
Political Science
Finnish Study Modules