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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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Finnish University Network for Asian Studies


The basic and advanced level courses provided by the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies offer students knowledge of East and Southeast, and South Asia. The courses approach the region from different disciplinary perspectives and they are useful for all students whose study or career plans relate to the region.

The courses are free for all students who hold a valid study right in one of the University Network's member universities: Aalto University, and the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa as well as Åbo Akademi. Other personswho are interested in Asian Studies can apply to the programme as self-paying independent students. (More information on asianet.fi website.)

The Asian Studies courses are arranged on the Internet, in the Moodle learning environment. The courses consist of different distance learning methods (lectures, discussions, literature exams, essays etc.)


Detailed information about the courses from our website asianet.fi

"Asian programme" Basic level Courses:

The schedule of the Asian Programme will change in 2018 and therefore the courses will be offered in a different order already in autumn 2017. Starting from autumn 2018 it will be possible to study the Asian Programme during one academic year.

  1. PASI4240  Contemporary East Asia (6 ECTS) (spring 2018)
  2. PASI4233 Contemporary South Asia (5 ECTS) (spring 2018)
  3. PASI4234 Culture in East and Southeast Asia (6 ECTS) (autumn 2017)
  4. PASI4237 Business in East and Southeast Asia (6 ECTS) (organised two times: autumn 2017 and spring 2018)

Detailed information about the courses from our website asianet.fi

Master's level courses:

NB: it is not possible to form a study module with the Master's level courses only.


Open throughout the academic year:


  1. MEAS1024 Introduction to Chinese Contemporary History (4 ECTS)
  2. MPAS2160 Introduction to Mongolian Politics and Society (2 ECTS)


Autumn 2017:


  1. MPAS2155 China's Economic Foreign Policy and Global Economic Governance (4 ECTS)
  2. EAST0011 Understanding Korean Pop Culture, Hallyu (3 ECTS)
  3. EAST0009 South Korea's International Relations (3 ECTS)                              
  4. MPAS2163 Chinese Foreign Policy and EU-China Relations (5 ECTS)


Spring 2018


  1. EAST0010 Trade Policy as an Economic and Political Instrument in East Asia (3 ECTS)
  2. MPAS2170 New Dynamics of Regionalisation in East and Southeast Asia (5 ECTS)
  3. MPAS2171 Business Environment of Japan and South Korea (5 ECTS)

Language courses:

  1. Elementary Korean (3 ECTS) (autumn 2017)



Asian programme (25 ECTS)

The Asian Programme minor must contain minimum three (3) completed Basic courses and Master's level courses in addition in order to complete 25 ECTS in total.

Mini Minor (10 ECTS)

If the Asian Programme minor (25 ECTS) is too large, it is possible to study a 10 ECTS Mini Minor which contains one Basic course and one or two Master's level courses with a related theme.

Mini Minor Themes:

I Contemporary East Asia

BASIC COURSE: Contemporary East Asia (6 ECTS)
MASTER'S COURSES (choose one or more):

II Business in East and Southeast Asia

BASIC COURSE: Business in East and Southeast Asia (6 ECTS)
MASTER’S COURSES: (choose one or more)


For courses offered in autumn 2017, the application period is 21st August – 15th September, 2017.
For courses offered in spring 2018, the application period is 6th – 24th November, 2017.

Note: Application for Chinese Foreign Policy and EU-China Relations is separate from other courses. Its application period is open 21st August – 6th September, 2017.

Exact deadlines and a link to the application form can be found on the website www.asianet.fi.

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