Baltic Sea Region Studies

Baltic Sea Region Studies

The Baltic Sea Region Studies (BSRS) is a multidisciplinary international programme that looks at the world from the perspective of the region formed by the nine coastal states of the Baltic Sea and the sea itself. The programme combines thematic studies from history, international relations, human geography and cultural studies.

The language of instruction is English.

The programme offers two tracks of studies:

- Master's degree programme, 120 ECTS, two years.

Application deadline by end of January. More information

- Non degree programme - Sivuainekokonaisuus

The Non Degree studies offer an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the history, societies, and cultures of the region surrounding the Baltic Sea.

The Non Degree studies are especially addressed to exchange students and to Finnish degree students as minor studies (sivuaineopinnot). They do not lead to a degree at the University of Turku, but they are complementary studies to be used at the home university at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

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