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The new study guide (incl. teaching schedules) for academic year 2018-2019 can be found at https://studyguide.utu.fi. This site contains only previous years' guides.

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Lukuvuosien 2016-18 opinto-oppaassa kuvatut KTK-tutkinto-ohjelmat koskevat ainoastaan 2016 ja myöhemmin aloittavia. Ennen syksyä 2016 opintonsa aloittaneiden opiskelijoiden tulee tarkastaa omat tutkintovaatimuksensa intrasta. Oppaan opintojaksokuvaukset on kuitenkin suunnattu kaikille opiskelijoille.

Organisations are operating in increasingly turbulent and dynamic environments. Advancements in technology, changes in the environment and new forms of organising are constantly redefining career boundaries, job profiles and the concept of specific job skills. To be able to keep up with the ever-changing environment, you need to be capable of turning uncertainty into opportunities. If you wish to build a successful career and a future in any kind of organisation from start-ups to large established global companies and public sector organisations, entrepreneurial competences form a solid ground to build on.Individuals who have the skills for turning different situations into opportunities are highly appreciated in diverse organisational settings. Our teaching is provided mainly in English and foreign visiting lecturers are extensively used, which enforces your capabilities to work in global context.

Learn how to renew organisations and their strategies, how to act entrepreneurially in different situations, and how to turn uncertainty into opportunities!

Your entrepreneurship studies focus on key competencies, analytical and problem solving skills that will enable you to innovate, explore and create opportunities at different stages of different organisational processes. During your entrepreneurship studies you can specialise in “Creating innovative business” both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Specialisation area provides you an opportunity to tailor your study to support your own career goals. Entrepreneurship is in process of negotiating a study module from abroad which will be recognised as your minor subject. Our other recommendations for minors during your Bachelor’s studies are International business, Management and organization, and Marketing. In the Master’s level, we recommend International business, Future Studies or Marketing as a minor module.

Leverage the opportunities for creating novel solutions or value in business and work life.

Entrepreneurship graduates have a broad range of career prospects in entrepreneurial firms, large enterprises and public institutions. The competence provided in this programme will prepare students for leading entrepreneurial innovations, managing business development, and working in business policy and strategy positions. The potential career paths of graduates from this programme include CEO, specialist/consultant/advisor, business development manager, and small business owner-manager for example. By studying entrepreneurship, developing own venture is not the inevitable career, but it is just one of the many possible career options! Entrepreneurial competencies and mindset are highly valued and even demanded, in any kind of organisation if you wish to build a successful career.

You will have a broad range of career prospects after graduation – starting your own venture is possible but not the only career option!

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