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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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Basic studies
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Department of Social Research

Learning outcomes

The course will provide students with a knowledge of various aspects of Finnish contemporary history, replacing it in the background of Northern European historical developments. The course also aims at helping foreign students getting a sense of Turku’s place in Finnish and Northern European History.

General description

The lecture series will present the main evolutions of Finland's history. The focus will be on contemporary history, which in a Finnish context means the period of autonomy under Russian rule (1809-1917), the 1917 declaration of independence, the Civil War of 1918, the development of Finnish democracy and the Finnish welfare state model, Finland during World War II and the Cold War. The lecture series will end up with the 1995 accession of Finland to the European Union.
The course is a 10 session lecture series, from September to November. The first session will be a normal teaching session, and the 9 remaining will mix students' presentations and classical teaching.
The first session will be held in September. It will be dedicated to a presentation of the lecture series, a few general notions on Finland's historical chronology, and the organization of the presentations. The class will be divided into 9 groups. Each group will get a file of material (articles, book chapters, etc) chosen by the teacher, and will have to prepare a 20 minutes presentation on the basis of these documents for one of the remaining sessions. The material of the files will be made available also for the rest of the class, and should be consulted before the sessions, even if it is not your turn to present.
After a two-weeks lull to give the first team of presenters enough time to prepare their presentation, the lecture series will resume. The remaining sessions will comprise, first the group presentation and questions on the presentations, then a wrapping-up by the teacher of the main points of the session's theme.

Teacher responsible

Louis Clerc


Virpi Kivioja


Tue 15-Sep-2015 - 10-Nov-2015 weekly at 12-14, PUB4 (Publicum, Assistentinkatu 7, 2nd floor)


Numeric 0-5.