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BKEM1046 Molecular Biology (part 1/4) 2 ECTS
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Advanced studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Department of Biochemistry

Learning outcomes

To deepen the knowledge in Molecular Biology.

General description

The course covers the molecular details and mechanisms of the following topics: Genome structure, chromatin, and the nucleosome; The replication of DNA; The mutability and repair of DNA; Homologous recombination at the molecular level; Site-specific recombination and transposition of DNA; Mechanism of transcription; RNA splicing; Translation; Genetic code; The origin and early evolution of life; Transcriptional regulation in prokaryotes; Transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes; Regulatory RNAs.

Teacher responsible

Georgi Belogurov


Taina Tyystjärvi
Mikko Metsä-Ketelä


8-Sep-2016 – 19-Sep-2016
Lectures 12 h
Thu 8-Sep-2016 at 16-18, ARC 2
Fri 9-Sep-2016 at 8-10, ARC 2
Tue 13-Sep-2016 at 8-10, ARC 2
Wed 14-Sep-2016 at 8-10, ARC 2
Thu 15-Sep-2016 at 16-18, ARC 2
Fri 16-Sep-2016 at 8-10, ARC 2


Numeric 0-5.

Further information

Exam, part I BKEM1046, Mon 19.9.  8-10, ARC 2 in Arcanum 2nd floor