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MUSI1727 Sounds of Everyday: Stock Music in Contemporary Culture 3–5 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies

General description


Monday Oct 24:10-12, V105 Hovi (Artium, Sirkkala)
Tuesday Oct 25: 10-12, V105 Hovi (Artium, Sirkkala)
Thursday Oct 27: 14-18, V105 Hovi (Artium, Sirkkala)
Friday Oct 28: 14-18, V105 Hovi (Artium, Sirkkala)

General Description: A multi-million dollar industry exists with the purpose of producing music that people are not supposed to listen to, i.e. consciously apprehend. Nevertheless, this production/library/stock music has the function of subconsciously exerting a persuasive power over the public, whether to buy a commodity, vote for a candidate, or calmly board a plane. The course will examine this ubiquitous music that has such an (extra-)ordinary presence in our everyday lives, from its creation (the composers and their training and motivations), through the product (analysis of the sounds and their interfaces with other media) to its distribution and reception (how it is used and whether it works).

Participation: Lectures, readings, discussions and essay

Teacher responsible

James Deaville


24-Oct-2016 – 28-Oct-2016


Numeric 0-5.

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