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BTEK1025 Trends in Clinical Chemistry 4 ECTS
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Advanced studies
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Department of Biochemistry

Learning outcomes

The course provides the student with in-depth knowledge on a few timely topics within laboratory medicine or clinical chemistry, with specific emphasis on the interplay between the analytical tools and the clinical information that they provide. The seminar format aims to train the student's oral presentation skills and the ability to extract the central messages of the scientific communications.

Teacher responsible

Kim Pettersson


3-Apr-2017 – 5-May-2017
Lectures 30 h
Mon 3-Apr-2017 at 12-14, Pha3, PharmaCity
Mon 10-Apr-2017 - 24-Apr-2017 weekly at 10-12, Sem2, BioCity 6th floor, Exceptions: No lectures 17.4.
Wed 5-Apr-2017 at 14-16, Pha4, PharmaCity
Wed 12-Apr-2017 - 3-May-2017 weekly at 14-16, Sem2, BioCity 6th floor
Fri 7-Apr-2017 - 5-May-2017 weekly at 12-14, Sem2, BioCity 6th floor, Exceptions: No lectures 14.4.



Further information

Mandatory and active participation.

The theme for this year´s Trends in Clinical Chemistry (4 ECTS)  is on “ Novel approaches and biomarkers for  early diagnosis of  cancer”. The course is primarily intended for students art various stages of their masters studies - both pre- and post MSc-thesis (pro gradu) work.

The course consists of a lecture part (about 15 h) with lectures by prof Pettersson and four reserachers of the Biotechnology Division. The other half (15 h) consists of seminar presentations made by the course participants on recent research papers addressing the course topic.

After the course there will be an examination based on the lectures and other material (mainly pdf´s of review papers) distributed during the course.

Participation in the course is restricted to max 20 students. If the interest fro the course exceeds that, preference will be given to students of the Biotechnology Division at various stages of their  Master´s studies.

Tue 9.5. 14-17, Pha4, PharmaCity
Tue 16.5. 14-17, Pha4, PharmaCity