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KUHI9500 Battling Over 'America': A Historical Look at the Culture Wars in the United States 3–5 ECTS
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Intermediate studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Master of Arts
Cultural History
School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies

Learning outcomes

During the course, students will immerse themselves into the academic debates around the concept of "culture wars" in U.S. history, its main arguments and basic criticisms. They will learn about the history of the political and cultural polarization in the United States and the formative cultural tensions ranging from the present day to the 18th century. The students will be able to reflect critically upon contemporary developments in the United States and make connections between academic debates and everyday discourses. Through analyzing a variety of first-hand sources centered on the thematic, students will learn the basics of research practice and the handling of historical sources in cultural analysis.

General description

“There is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of America. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we will one day be as was the Cold War itself.” Such was declared by conservative politician Patrick Buchanan in the Republican National Convention in 1992. Since then, the notion of a “culture war,” an ongoing struggle to define “America” as an idea and an imagined community, has become a mainstay feature of both academic research into political and cultural polarization in the United States and everyday cultural criticism and popular discourses alike. This course will examine the basics of the "culture war" thesis, its main arguments and its most prominent criticisms, and then explore the historical dimensions of the tensions over “America” and “Americanness” that lie at the core of the “culture wars.” The course will provide a far-reaching view of the struggles over “America” from the present day to the 18th century and introduce students to a wide assortment of first-hand sources dealing with the topic from different time periods. The course consists of 8 gatherings which include lectures on the topic as well as workshops during which students will discuss and analyze the provided primary sources.


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Battling Over "America" (Max 30 students)

Teachers responsible

Pekka Kolehmainen
Suvi Karila


6-Mar-2017 – 7-Apr-2017
Lectures 8 h
Mon 6-Mar-2017 at 10.00-12.00, Janus (Sirkkala)
Mon 13-Mar-2017 at 10.00-12.00, Janus
Mon 27-Mar-2017 at 10.00-12.00, Janus
Mon 3-Apr-2017 at 10.00-12.00, Janus
Seminar 8 h
Fri 10-Mar-2017 at 12.00-14.00, Lecture room II (main building)
Fri 17-Mar-2017 at 12.00-14.00, Lecture room II
Fri 31-Mar-2017 at 12.00-14.00, Lecture room II
Fri 7-Apr-2017 at 12.00-14.00, Lecture room II


Numeric 0-5.

Evaluation criteria

The completion of the course includes attendance on lectures, assorted reading materials, taking part in seminar discussions, and a short research paper on a specific topic related to the wider thematic of the course. In addition, students wanting full 5 credits are invited to write a 6-page reflective essay on the topic.

Further information

Course begins 6.3.2017 at 10 am. No teaching on March 20 and March 24.

Please notice! Maximum amount of students is 30.