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MAAN7365 Fluvial and coastal fieldwork course 3 ECTS
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Department of Geography and Geology

Learning outcomes

Students will participate in fieldwork of the Fluvial and coastal research group. Fieldwork includes field measurement and survey approaches in order to study fluvial or coastal environments, their processes and potential changes. After finishing this fieldwork course, students have learnt fieldwork skills in fluvial or coastal studies. Fluvial and coastal research topics will be varied between years based on available fieldwork campaigns.

General description

The course includes introductory lecture into fieldwork theme, participation on the fieldwork campaign and field data processing and analyses. Students will work as a member of a scientific research group. The collected data can be utilized in MSc theses data and/or scientific work of the research group.

Teacher responsible

Petteri Alho


3-May-2018 – 21-May-2018
Introductory lecture
Thu 3-May-2018 at 10-12, seminar room 412, Natura 4th floor
Fieldwork day
Fri 4-May-2018 at 8-18
Field course expedition 14.-21.5.2018, Kevo Research Station, Lapland


Numeric 0-5.

Further information

Recommended preceding studies: 

MAAN7363 Fluvial and Coastal Environments, 5 ECTS + MAAN7364 Practicals in Fluvial and Coastal Environments, 3 ECTS, OR similar knowledge.

Students will have around 150€ cost of this course including train tickets and accommodation at Kevo Research Station etc.  Department will support some costs. More detailed cost estimate will be given later on.

- Introductory lecture on May 3rd at 10:15 AM in seminar room 412, Natura 4th floor.

- 1st fieldwork day May 4th at 8-18

- Field course expedition 14.-21.5. in Finnish Lapland, especially Kevo Research Station (see: https://www.utu.fi/en/units/cerut/kevo/station/Pages/home.aspx) and Pulmaki River:

        - Night train from Turku to Rovaniemi 14-15.5.

        - Driving from Rovaniemi up to the North, 15.5.

        - Arriving Kevo Research Station, evening 15.5.

        - 16-18.5. Fieldwork on Pulmanki River, excursion to the coast of the Arctic Ocean (Tanafjorden/Barents Sea)

        - 19.5. field work reporting at Kevo Station

        -  20.5. Driving to Rovaniemi, night train to Turku

        - 21.5. (morning) Arriving Turku