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Popular Music History: An Introduction
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School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies

General description

List of Lectures/seminars

  1. Problems of Popular Music History: The Sound of The City in 1955?
  2. Themes in Popular Music History: Race, Youth, Industry and Technology
  3. Elvis : The Lecture.


The aim of this course is to introduce students to the History of Popular Music as an area of academic study. 

1. Problems of Popular Music History: The Sound of The City in 1955?

How should Popular Music history be studied? What methods are appropriate? What issues arise when considering the study of Popular Music History? This seminar examines such issues and considers particularly influential accounts of the origins of rock and roll.

2. Themes in Popular Music History: Race, Youth, Industries and Technology

Each of the themes in this seminar have been seen as having an important impact on the development of Popular Music: In its modern formation, Popular Music can be seen as being a product of the mixing of racial groups in the U.S.A; Youth has often formed the predominant audience for Popular Music; the music industries are the disseminators of popular music and ever changing technologies have continually shaped the music itself. This seminar introduces themes suggest ways of understanding popular music history.

3. Elvis : The Lecture

As possibly the most commercially successful Popular Music artist ever, Elvis Presley continues to fascinate over 30 years after his death. Part of his success appears to have been in merging the two musical forms discussed in the previous two seminars. This seminar locates Elvis in his specific historical and social circumstances. It examines narratives around Elvis and seeks to explain why the fascination is still in place.

Teacher responsible

Martin Cloonan


27-Apr-2015 – 29-Apr-2015
Seminar 6 h
Mon 27-Apr-2015 at 10.00-12.00, E123 Sukupuolentutkimus
Tue 28-Apr-2015 at 10.00-12.00, E123 Sukupuolentutkimus
Wed 29-Apr-2015 at 10.00-12.00, E123 Sukupuolentutkimus


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