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Masters Degree Programme in Global IT Management (GITM)


The GITM program educates students for managerial, project leadership, and expert positions in design, implementation and service facilitation of information technology (IT). The program has two professional specialization themes: Business Informatics and Work Informatics. A graduate will be capable in IT management areas such as:
1. re-aligning business and working practices together with users, experts, and managers
2. determining requirements of information systems and services together with technical experts and implementing them for business benefits.
Business Informatics students focus on analysing of business strategy and organizational processes from the IT point of view. They will learn relevant theories and skills related to IT governance, IT service management, business continuance, enterprise architecture, and business intelligence.

Work Informatics students focus on knowledge workers and analysis of their working processes from the human point of view for fluent and efficient operations. They will learn relevant theories and skills related to user-centered, participatory design and implementation, evaluation of systems usability and user interface.

The final degree for the students starting their studies 2012 is either Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (M.Sc.(Econ. & Bus. Adm.)) or Master of Science (M.Sc.). The major in the both degrees is Information Systems Science. The degree consists of 120 ECTS credits and is completed in 2 years full-time studies. The minor in Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree is either Management and Organization or International Business or Entrepreneurship. In the Master of Science degree the students have more freedom to select their studies; however the special assignment in collaboration with organisation is included in the degree studies. GITM/Master of Science can be completed according to the accepted study plan. In addition to the advanced level studies in major (information systems, 80 ECTS), the section of other optional studies and/or optional minor subject (33 ECTS) has to be agreed with the instructor (GITM/Master of Science: Antti Tuomisto). Most of the minors offered by the University of Turku are suitable, and also JOOPAS deal can be used to get minor from another University in Finland. Each GITM-student’s study and future plan is supported by Career management studies (FUTU3, 2 ECTS in optional studies).
Depending on the students’ background and the target degree in GITM program students might have to supplement their earlier studies with business and economic studies or information systems studies. The successful completion of the master’s degree makes a student eligible for postgraduate studies in Information Systems Science.

The GITM program is one of the Turku Centre for Computer Science master’s programs. Turku School of Economics has run the Global Information Technology Management (GITM) programme since 2003. We have and have had students e.g. from Ecuador, Slovenia, China, South Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, India, Ghana, Cameron, Uganda, Pakistan, Nepal, USA and Finland. Year 2012 was the first year when we combine business and work informatics to strengthen the relevance of our curriculum further.

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Masters Degree Programme in Global IT Management (GITM)

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration 120 ECTS
Minor: International Business 25 ECTS
Turku School of Economics
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