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Environmental Sciences Course Descriptions

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Environmental Sciences Course Descriptions

EKOL3135 Biodiversity Informatics, 2 ECTS
YMPS6043 Conservation Biology, 2 ECTS
MAAN7501 Development and geography, 5 ECTS
YMPS6002 Environment and Development, 2–6 ECTS
GMAA4735 Environmental Archaeology, 2 ECTS
MAAN7352 Environmental management, 5 ECTS
EKOL3008 Final examination, 10 ECTS
EKOL3009 Final examination 2, 10 ECTS
ESCE0004 Final Examination in Toxicology, 10–20 ECTS
MAAN7802 Geography guest seminar, 2 ECTS
MAAN7663 GIS and society, 4 ECTS
GMAA4814 Glacial stratigraphy, 5 ECTS
MAAN7351 Landscape ecology and GIS, 5 ECTS
EKOL3012 Master's Thesis, 40 ECTS
MAAN6733 Methods in GIS II (v), 5 ECTS
MAAN7091 MSc Thesis in Geography, 40 ECTS
MAAN7891 Practical training, 6 ECTS
ESCE0013 Practicals in Ecotoxicology, 5–15 ECTS
GMAA4815 Quaternary Geology, 6 ECTS
ESCE0002 Readings in Ecology, 6 ECTS
GEOL1112 Resources of the Earth, 2 ECTS
ESCE0003 Seminars in Toxicology, 4 ECTS
GMAA4675 Thesis, 40 ECTS
EKOL2217 Tropical Ecology, 2–4 ECTS
EKOL3150 Tropical plant families, 4 ECTS
EKOL3004 Visitor seminar, 2 ECTS
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