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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
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Master's Degree Programme in Asian Studies (VTM/MSocSc)

Learning outcomes

By taking the Master's Degree Programme in Asian Studies students will become experts in the field of East Asian Studies. They will acquire in-depth knowledge of the national and regional issues in the area and will have mastered at least one major language in the region on an intermediate level on their graduation. Through their pro gradu Master's thesis projects students will gain necessary research skills and expertise on a specific issue of their own choosing in the region.


The Master's degree in Asian Studies consists of a minimum of 120 credits (cr) of studies. To finish his or her degree a student must complete the required studies in the following categories:

• Methodology and Master's thesis, 60 cr: Obligatory modules 1 (Methodology; 20 cr), and 5 (Master's Thesis; 40 cr)
• Obligatory Subject Studies in Modern and Contemporary East Asia, 20 cr: courses from Modules 3 and 4. Obligatory courses totalling 20 cr, which all students must take, are marked with *.
• Optional Subject Studies in Modern and Contemporary East Asia 16 cr: freely chosen 16 credits of courses from Modules 2, 3, 4 and 6.
o These can also include studies in the Minor marked with "MA", relevant courses from other units at UTU and exchange studies.
o Obligatory and Optional Subject Studies must total at least 36 credits, but can be more.
• Language studies 10 to 20 credits in East Asian languages + 4 cr Academic English: in Module 7, consisting of Advanced Academic Writing in English (4 cr, should be taken during the first autumn term) plus at least 10 credits in an East Asian language. A maximum of 20 credits of an East Asian language will count towards the degree.
o Students should have mastered at least one major language in the region on an intermediate level on their graduation.
o Students who are taking less than 20 credits of East Asian languages need to include the remaining credits from the Optional Subject Studies
o Based on the language teacher’s assessment, a waiver can be given for the language studies requirement to students who master a major East Asian language on an advanced level. These students must take an equal amount of other (subject and/or other) courses instead. A waiver for academic English is granted by the Language Centre.
o English on level 2 or 3 and/or Finnish courses on any level at the Language Centre can also be included in the degree and are recommended for students who have received a waiver. Please contact the language teacher if you want a waiver.
• All studies must add up to a minimum of 120 credits, but the total number of credits can, and often will be more.

The courses marked as obligatory with (*) are compulsory for students beginning this year. If the courses change, students will be instructed how to substitute obligatory courses with other courses so that they can meet their degree structure requirements. If unavailability of a course threatens to delay a student's graduation, the student must contact the study coordinator.


The application period to the Master's Degree Programme is at the turn of each year from the beginning of December to the end of February, and the yearly intake is 15 students. For more information on admission, please see Students at UTU can also take individual MA courses without being full-time students in the programme.

Further information

All new students in the Master's Degree Programme in Asian Studies will also create a personal study plan (HOPS) during the first term. The study plan is discussed and approved with the MPAS study coordinator.

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Master's Degree Programme in Asian Studies (VTM/MSocSc)

MODULE 2: Histories of East Asian Countries 5–21 ECTS
Some courses require previous studies to be completed
2–22 ECTS
MPAS2038 Excursion / study tour, 2 ECTS
MPAS2115 Movie Analysis I, 2 ECTS
MPAS2069 Lecture Passport, 2 ECTS
MODULE 7: Language Studies 14–24 ECTS
Obligatory course on Advanced Academic Writing plus 10-20 credits of language studies.
Department of Philosophy, Contemp.History and Political Sc.
Contemporary History
Political Science