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Postgraduate studies in International Business

Learning outcomes

The international business programme provides postgraduate students with the competence to work as researchers or specialists in demanding international business contexts.
Postgraduate studies are largely built around the student's own scientific interests. However, the majority of the dissertation topics are related to the research focus areas of the department: global innovation management, international growth of SMEs, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and the corporate social responsibility of globally operating companies.
The opportunity to study the European transition economies gives an additional perspective on international business in a changing Europe. Particular emphasis is placed on the problems of the transition phase, and on analysing Western companies and their actions in conjunction with planning and implementing their business operations.


Professor Niina Nummela for post-graduate studies in international business.
The minimum number of credits required in the major subject is 32 cr. Postgraduate students of International Business construct their studies according to the following principles:
Courses that are compulsory for all students:
- MAJ11/KVJ11 The Evolution of Marketing/International Business Theories, 6 cr
- MAJ12/KVJ12 Academic Argumentation and Presentation Skills, 2 cr
At least two of the courses:
- MAJ13/KVJ13 The Use of Scientific Method in Marketing/International Business, 6 cr
- MAJ14/KVJ14 Marketing/International Business as a Science, 6 cr
- MAJ15/KVJ15 Reading the Classics, 6 cr
In addition to the above, 12 cr according to student's own interests in international business
- MAJ16/KVJ16 Specialisation area 6 cr or
- It is possible to substitute courses in TSE with postgraduate courses offered by other institutes, such as those in the KATAJA programme (The Finnish Doctoral Program in Business Studies). Students wishing to complement their postgraduate studies in other institutions should ask their professor for advice as the applicability may vary
- Postgraduate students may also choose courses in their specialisation area from the general advanced course offerings of their major subject (international business). Note! Students taking advanced courses on the European transition economies are required to have previous studies in or other experience of the subject.
All postgraduate students are required to participate in the research seminars covering the major subject, and to give a presentation of their research plan or report according to the agreed schedule. They are also expected to act as opponents in the research and licentiate seminars when asked to do so.
Postgraduate course examinations are held on all the examination dates set for Marketing and International Business, approximately nine times each term (18 times a year). The exact dates and times are given in the TSE examination timetable. The examinations for the advanced courses take place only on the dates given in the timetable.

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