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Masters Degree Programme in Global IT Management (GITM)


The Global IT Management (GITM) programme established in 2003 is the oldest international master's degree program of the Turku School of Economics. We have and have had students from Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, India, Iran, Latvia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, Slovenia, South Korea, Sudan, Russia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, USA, and Vietnam.

The GITM program provides students competences for managerial, project leadership, and expert positions in design, implementation and service facilitation of information technology. It trains professionals to work in information resources management in international enterprises and in international project environments within the ICT-enterprises. It prepares students with a background in business and/or information technology or computer science, in order to become "hybrid" managers at the interface between ICT, business, and people.

The GITM Master's program consists of 120 ECTS credits (minimum requirement) and is completed in two years full-time studies. The language of instruction is English. The final degree is either Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.)) or Master of Science (M.Sc.). Entrance degree together with studies defines the final degree which is already decided in the admission process. The major in the both degrees is Information Systems Science. The successful completion of the GITM master's degree makes a student eligible for postgraduate studies in Information Systems Science.

The intended learning outcome of the GITM is planned to achieve by modular structure. Study structure for the students started studies 2015 or earlier is based on their degree requirements and study plans. From 2015 GITM has evolved more international and has established three different double degree options BIKMA, ITEM, and DEMA. The study structure and intended leaning outcomes of these double degree options are design on modular structure. The ITEM co-operations is with The Tilburg University (The Netherlands) since 2015, the DEMA is with the Passau University (German) and the BIKMA is with the Central China Normal University, CCNU (Wuhan, China).

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Masters Degree Programme in Global IT Management (GITM)

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