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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics

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Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics

Major subject studies offer interdisciplinary knowledge of bioinformatics. Major subject studies contain courses from the groups A.1. and A.2. depending on the previous studies of the student. In most cases students must take all the courses from group A.1. The courses must be approved by the staff and will be defined in the Personal Study Plan of each student.
B.1. Language studies 0–7 ECTS
All foreign students whose native language is not Finnish must pass Finnish language courses (KIFF0003) worth at least 5 credits. All students with Finnish education background (suomenkielinen peruskoulu) are excused for the course and must instead pass virkamiesruotsi (KIRU2321 and KIRU2341) either in their BSc. or MSc. Degree (Valtion virkamieheltä kaksikielisellä kielialueella vaadittava kielitaito siitä annetun lain (424/2003) 6§:n 1 momentin mukaan.) Courses are arranged by the Language Centre at the University of Turku (see the Language Centre study guide, or website
B.2. Compulsory minor subject studies 0–19 ECTS
Every student needs elementary knowledge of molecular biosciences as well as method sciences (IT, mathematics, statistics). The following courses are defined by initial tests and previous studies. Compulsory, if corresponding courses not completed during previous studies. These courses will be defined in the Personal Study Plan of each student.
B.3. Optional studies 14–40 ECTS
Optional studies allow focusing on specific topics in bioinformatics and/or provide support in relevant minor subjects. Courses from group A.2. are highly recommended, but students may also choose other courses related to bioinformatics, or build up knowledge of methodological sciences (IT, mathematics, etc.) or biological sciences. Optional courses must be approved by the staff and will be written down in the Personal Study Plan.
The Master's thesis consists of a theoretical part based on scientific literature, an experimental or practical part (Master's project), and participation in the Seminar. Typically, the Master's project is done as an internship with a local research group, and the Thesis is written based on the actual research work.
BIOI4031 Master's Thesis, 40 ECTS
Department of Future Technologies
DP in Computer Science
DP in Computer Science
DP Bachelor of Science in Techn.(Communication St)
DP in Information and Communication Technology
MDP in Digital Health and Life Sciences (Tech.)
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