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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2016–2018
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Doctoral Studies on East Asia


It is possible to pursue a doctoral degree under the auspices of the Centre for East Asian Studies, supervised by the CEAS academic staff.
Doctoral candidates who study and conduct research at CEAS belong administratively to the Doctoral Programme of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Admission is granted by the Faculty, and there are three application periods during the academic year. The first round of applications for the academic year 2016-2017 is likely to be held in September 2016.
Those planning doctoral studies on an East Asian topic and wishing to conduct research and work on their dissertation with supervision by CEAS faculty should first contact Professor Lauri Paltemaa (lauri.paltemaa[a]utu.fi) at CEAS for initial discussions concerning thesis supervision. Only after that can the application be submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences. For the admission criteria and application guidelines, see:
In the Finnish academic system, doctoral studies consist mostly of independent study, research, and writing, and the amount of compulsory coursework is small. When commencing doctoral studies, the candidate is expected to be in command of the required research methods.
Doctoral studies shall prepare the candidate for the actual challenges of a researcher and scholar. Accordingly, the candidate should participate in teaching to the extent it is possible, attend seminars and conferences, and achieve publications before receiving the doctorate.
After being accepted to the Doctoral Programme, the candidate presents a research plan in the CEAS Research Seminar. During the course of research and dissertation writing, the results shall also be presented in the seminar.
The Ph.D. degree consists of 240 credits, of which the dissertation is 180 credits, and coursework and other academic work 60 credits. The thesis supervisor approves the credits for the academic work.
The candidates are required to maintain personal records of their academic work and studies, and they are also required to update a Study Attainment Form annually with their thesis supervisor.
The 60 credits of academic work can be taken in the following forms:
- A presentation at a national or international conference (2 cr)
- An approved lecture(1-2 cr)
- Courses and classes:
* Comprehensive exam (5 cr)
* Bibliographical essay or literature review (5 cr)
* Advanced Academic English (by Language Centre), East Asian language courses (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) (20 cr. max)
* Pedagogical studies (5 cr)
* Publications: a 6500-word article published in a refereed academic journal (10 cr)
* Article based on the candidate s academic expertise in a non-academic journal, magazine, or a major newspaper (2 cr)

Preceding studies

Minumum amount of preceding studies

240 ECTS.

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Doctoral Studies on East Asia

CEAS1024 Localising Theories, 4 ECTS
Department of Philosophy, Contemp.History and Political Sc.
MDP in East Asian Studies