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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2016–2018
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Master's Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development 2016-2018

Learning outcomes

The Master's Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development provides students with an in-depth knowledge within the broad area of drug discovery and development processes.

The programme gives students a deep understanding of:
- up-to-date methods applied to identify and validate new drug targets, and to generate lead drug molecules that modulate biological activity of the target.
- technological innovations made in lead optimization process
- how new drug candidates are investigated during the non-clinical drug development phase
- methods of clinical drug research, clinical drug development phases, clinical trial design and biostatistical study planning
- various aspects of the drug regulatory science and pharmacovigilance

The graduating MSc is an expert in drug discovery and development processes, and knows the procedures applied in drug regulatory science and the role of drug regulatory authorities during the life-span of a drug. She/He has comprehensive skills to work in the field of biomedicine and drug discovery in companies, universities, research institutes or drug regulatory authorities.


The studies in drug discovery and development consist of both theoretical and practical courses, including:

- Drug discovery and development science
- Drug regulatory science
- Bioinformatics
- Translational medicine
- Methods in experimental pharmacology
- Computer aided drug design
- Clinical trial design and clinical drug development
- Bioentrepreneurship

Significant part of the programme consists of an independent research project that will be presented in the Master's thesis.

The Drug Discovery and Development programme is part of the larger Biomedical Sciences umbrella organization at the University of Turku. For elective studies students can take courses taught in English from the other Master's Degree Programmes in Biomedical Sciences, ie. Master's Degree Programme in Biomedical Imaging and Master's Degree Programme in Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics. (www.biomedicine.fi)

Based on previous studies, students may need to take supplementary studies in the field of biomedicine (max 60 ECTS) in order to reach optimal competence level for the Master's studies.

Preceding studies

Additional information on preceding studies

The applicants should have sufficient background knowledge in biomedical and/or natural sciences, and they should have completed a lower university degree equivalent to a Finnish BSc degree (180 ECTS) in life sciences or in a relevant field.

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Master's Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development 2016-2018

Institute of Biomedicine
Biolääketieteen koulutusohjelma
MDP in Drug Discovery and Development
MDP in Biomedical Imaging
Biomedical Imaging